Love from Our Kitchen

Four things in life are important. Loving, living, sleeping, and eating. Why not eat great food that makes you healthy and happy, simultaneously?

We at Seven Bites Foods offer an appetizing array of stuff, to start with our signature “Boo Bites Croquettes” and “Brown Rice Crackies”. Your food should be vibrant mix of love in your mouth and body. We only use seasonal fresh ingredients. While we focus on healthy attribute of Japanese cuisine, we enjoy being from “Food Town New York City”. This allows us to showcase flavors and textures available from local providers.

Please feel free to contact us for more information at:, 917-840-0094 (Hiroko) 917-940-2703 (Tomoko).

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  • New product "Love Cookie" is on sale at
  • New Product Shortbread Cookie:) It is on sale at
  • In addition, We will be corroborating with NY No1 Band Brown Rice Family too:) It will be fun and sunny Sunday!
  • Today @SevenBitesFoods will be at Japan Block Fair on the corner of 94th Street and Broadway. Come and grab your Boo Bites:)

Today’s Feature

Gorgonzola + Black Pepper Organic Brown Rice Crackies »
Try our signature crackies with Gorgonzola cheese and black pepper!